Tangle Teezer


Using Tangle Teezer hairbrushes in your salon means happy clients with healthy hair, who will keep coming back. Sounds pretty good, right? Here’s why.

1. Salon Experience

Our founder and inventor, Shaun P, spent over 30 years working in top salons as a colourist. It’s this invaluable experience that gave Shaun the inspiration to create Tangle Teezer in the first place, and it’s why he’s still so passionate about the benefits our hairbrushes can bring to salons.

2. Detangling Genius

Of course, we’re pretty well-known for the genius of our detangling hairbrushes, which easily detangle without damage and breakage. Our prescriptive detangling range caters for every hair type and texture; from thick and curly hair to fine, fragile and colour-treated hair.

Once your client sees how effortlessly you detangled their hair without any pulling or tugging, they’ll already feel their hair getting healthier.

3. Blow-Drying Technology

Detangling only gets you so far in the salon - it’s the perfect blow-dry that has clients walking out of the salon feeling like a million dollars. Using our Blow-Drying Tools offers not only a perfect blow-dry, but a FAST one too – meaning you’ll have more time to fit in more clients!

It’s the ground-breaking technology in the teeth that makes for naturally smooth or voluminous blow-dries without pulling or stretch-drying. And here’s how…

The science bit:

The hair flows effortlessly through the bottle-shaped fixed base teeth on our Blow-Drying Tools, while the heat-resistant flexible tips offer precise pick-up at the root and the overlapping configuration extracts excess water for a faster drying time.

The result is the perfect blow-dry with no frizz or heat damage, and just healthy, smooth hair.

4. Happy Clients, Happy Salon

All of this contributes to your clients’ haircare and ultimately, their experience in your salon. We always say ‘happy clients, happy salon’, and using Tangle Teezer hairbrushes can help you achieve that. Smiles all round.

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