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One of the most frequently-asked questions a stylist gets from their clients has to be, “How can I avoid heat damage on my hair?” Luckily, we have a really easy answer, it’s simply in the tools you use.

Firstly, Blot Don’t Rub

Clients want to get their hair as dry as possible before blow-drying, but often think giving their hair a good towel rub will do the trick. Suggest that they blot instead, as this is much kinder and the first step they can take towards minimising damage.

Detangle With Care

We’d always recommend detangling with one of our detangling hairbrushes and The Wet Detangler is perfect. Its patented teeth flex over wet hair detangling with ease and reducing breakage and damage. We have detangling hairbrushes for different kinds of hair, from Fine & Fragile to Thick & Curly, and they’re both designed to be kind to that particular hair type.

Use The Right Blow-Drying Tool

Our Blow-Drying Tools are designed with ground-breaking technology for a quick and easy blow-dry that your clients will love. Both the Round Tool and Smoothing Tool have fixed-base teeth so the hair can flow freely through them without pulling, tugging or stretch-drying, which is kinder to the hair.

Take It Slow & Low

The temptation to just ‘get the job done’ means that clients will often turn up the heat and speed on their hairdryers to finish their blow-dry faster, but with our Blow-Drying Tools, there’s no need to do this. They have innovative bottle-shaped teeth in an overlapping configuration which extracts water naturally, resulting in a faster blow-dry without unnecessary hair damaging heat or over-drying.

Keep Your Distance

Suggest to your clients that they hold the hairdryer a safe distance from the hair, which is usually about two inches away. This will avoid overheating or even burning the hair and is key for the smoothest results. They should continuously follow the hair as it travels through the Blow-Drying Tool for even drying from root to tip.

The Final Flourish

Once your client has finished their blow-dry, we’d recommend adding extra smoothness and shine with The Ultimate Finisher. This will result in happy and healthy-looking hair that any client will be delighted with.

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